Typhoon Megi Puts Shenzhen Powerboat Grand Prix On Hold

The only thing racing so far, on the edge of the South China Sea for this weekend's 16th Grand Prix of China, the 5th Round of the 2010 UIM F1 H2O World Championship for powerboating is the now famous Typhoon Megi, packing speeds of over 180 kilometers per hour as she works her way slowly Northeast towards the China coast and possibly in harms way for this weekend's Grand Prix.


After a 10:00 AM (02:00 GMT) local meeting with UIM F1 H2O Promoter Nicolo di San Germano with Team Owners at this weekend's race site, it was determined because of the impending storm heading towards the coast, that all racing equipment should be returned to the traveling containers and locked away and ready for shipping to next month's Grand Prix of Qatar if worse comes to worst and the weather forecast didn't improve over the next 24 hours.

“We are asking all teams to secure their equipment back into their containers and we will move them  to higher ground with the possible storm surge coming from the sea into the paddock area,” said Nicolo. “It's better to be cautious now and be ready for anything. We should know a lot more in 24 hours and see where we are on Friday morning. We will do everything we can to get the race in this weekend and hopefully, we can, for our thousands of race followers who are so looking forward to the event this year as always.”

Forecasting tropical storms is always a tricky science but the latest projections show the storm heading away from the Hong Kong area and curling slightly Northeast opening a possibility that the area may not be as saverly affected as originally thought earlier in the week.

The next meeting to determine what the schedule will be for the next few days for the upcoming Grand Prix of China will be held on Friday morning at the host Nan Hai Hotel at 10:30 local (02:30 GMT). “We will pass these updates along when we have more information,” said San Germano.

 Four pilots are currently in a giant struggle for the the 2010 drivers championship with Jay Price from New Orleans, Louisiana and the Qatar Team leading with 48 points. Followed the American is rookie sensation Alex Carella of Italy second with 40 for the Mad Croc Team. Just a point back are Thani Al Qamzi of Team Abu Dhabi and Italian Francesco Cantando of the Singha Team all hoping for more success at this weekend's scheduled 16th Grand Prix of China on the edge of the South China Sea in Shenzhen.