Herculean effort at Sevens Stadium as UAE companies embrace the #1 global inter-company teambuilding event

The inaugural Hercules Trophy intercompany teambuilding and networking event, held for the first time outside of Europe at the Sevens Stadium in Dubai last week, has been hailed a “phenomenal success” by participants and organisers. 

A total of 80 corporate teams, comprising between five and seven players, were put to 12 challenging tests designed to help them master teamwork. While only one team – logistics firm Danzas – took home the official Hercules Trophy, all participants said they felt like winners.
Hercules Trophy
Michael Buckley, General Manager - Global Forwarding of winning team Danzas AEI Emirates LLC, said the competition “definitely exceeded our expectations. It was an incredibly fun, energising and enjoyable day for each one of our team members. We feel that it doesn’t matter who the winners are, it’s about developing a great team spirit, and this is what you take back to the workplace,” he said.
Following Danzas in second place was Wild Wadi Waterpark and tied for third place were the South African Business Group and food company BRF/Sadia.
Chris Perry, General Manager, Wild Wadi Waterpark said: “We had an unbelievable day at the Sevens ground. If you weren’t there you really did miss out. We’re already looking forward to next year. Thanks so much biz-events for this incredible day!”  
The Hercules Trophy UAE, organised by biz-events, the Middle East’s leading corporate teambuilding company, got off to an early start with teams registering onsite by 7:30am. Their enthusiasm and excitement for the day also arrived with them as several companies hit the dance floor before 8am proudly waving their company flags and psyching out the competition with boundless energy.
That enthusiasm continued to build throughout the day as teams competed for points across 12 Herculean labours. Through the camaraderie of sport, participants got to think, act and perform as a team while strengthening relationships with their colleagues in a fun and non threatening environment. 
Among the time-based Herculean tasks was Trikke which required team members to complete a circuit on a modified three-wheel scooter while holding a cup of water in their mouths; Power Jump required participants to perform as many somersault rotations as they could on a bungee trampoline; while Beach Tennis saw players take to the court with table tennis bats and balls.
Bayt.com, the number one job site in the Middle East, entered four teams into the Hercules Trophy as a way of strengthening cross-departmental relationships and communication. Rabea Ataya, CEO of Bayt.com, said: “It’s allowed our people to interact on a very different level and has been a great way for us all to break out of our shells and really get to know the people we work with. We’re a people organisation so investing in events like the Hercules Trophy is really important in making our staff feel admired and respected.”
Brian Britnor, Global Account and GSP Sales Manager for FedEx, echoed Ataya’s comments. “FedEx is a people first company so we always try to recognise, appreciate and motivate our staff. The Hercules Trophy was an excellent event in which everyone could participate. The internal motivation and team spirit was just fantastic and we’ll be able to transfer that spirit back to our workplace.”
According to Yves Vekemans, Founder and President of Hercules Trophy, the vibe and competitive spirit of the UAE event was even stronger than that experienced in Belgium, the home market for the tournament for the past 12 years. 
“What is striking is that we have so many cultures participating in the UAE event. It’s amazing to see so many people come together through the camaraderie of sport. Not many events appeal to so many cultures and companies,” he said.
“We’re currently expanding Hercules Trophy to Singapore, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and New York, but after the success of today, we feel Dubai has what it takes to be the new home ground for the tournament. It really is the mecca of sports meets entertainment meets business,” he added. 
Commenting on the success of the inaugural Hercules Trophy UAE, Hazel Jackson CEO of biz-events said: “We really couldn’t have asked for a better result. The enthusiasm of participants and their supporters was more than we could have anticipated. We’ve had the perfect crew working on this event, putting together the perfect sports for our UAE audience. Everything ran like clockwork. People are already asking us when they can sign up for next year, so I think we can expect a bigger and better Hercules Trophy in 2012.”