Launch of Volleyball Competition in the 4th edition of the Residential Districts Championship

As part of the 4th edition of the Residential Districts Championship, the volleyball competition has been launched,The Championship is sponsored by Dubai Sports Council in coordination with Dubai Municipality.

Respective Bodies of Emirates Driving Institute have announced that the Institute sponsors the Championship under the motto "Fair Play & Safety Driving".

Dubai Marine defeated Emirates Fly 2-1 in the inaugurating match, held at Al-Hamriya Park. The two teams are joined with players of multi-nationalities (UAE, Lebanon, Iran, New Zealand, Pakistan & Philippine).

The inaugurating match was attended by Dr. Ahmed Al-Sharif the Secretary General of the Council / Mr. Saeed Al-Kasiri the Deputy Chairman of the Volleyball Association / Mr. Naser Aman Al-Rahma the Director of Culture & Social Activities Department in DSC / Mr. Adel Al-Tamimi the Director of HR in the Emirates Driving Institute / massive spectators.

Dubai Sports Council

Mr. Saeed Al-Kasiri explained happiness as the volleyball game has been added to the current edition of the Residential Districts Championship. He said: "The competition is held with participation of 16 volleyball teams. We would like to extend thanks to DSC which is keen to extend the range of those who practice sports activities in society & sports sector in particular".

Mr. Adel Al-Tamimi said: "Emirates Driving Institute is keen to sponsor this Championship annually / support the pioneering social initiatives / exploit such championships to promote for safety driving and to make youth aware of dangers of impetuous driving. We also act to help area's residents & encourage them practice sports activities and spend summer leisure time in useful activities".

The Organizing Committee of the Championship has just added the volleyball game to the current edition of the Championship. The volleyball competition is held with participation of 16 teams to be involved in one-category competition in Deira & Bur Dubai.