Technical Committee meet to make a number of new decisions for the Pro League

The Technical Interim Pro-League Committee has approved the participation of two professional players in each team of the Etisalat Reserve League in the upcoming 2011-2012 season.

The decision was made in the meeting held on Tuesday July 19th at the premises of the UAE Football Association in Dubai under the chairmanship of Abdulla Al Junaibi, Vice Chairman of the Interim Pro- League Committee and Chairman of the Technical Committee. The meeting was also attended by Abdullah Saqr and Mohammed Abdullah Mansour, Members of the Technical Committee, as well as Joseph Mouawad Director of Sports Management for the League, Taha Ezat the Committee’s Secretary, Dr. Mohammed El Douri, the UAE FA Legal Consultant, and Hani Abdu Ibrahim, Disciplinary Committee’s Secretary.


This decision follows the earlier ruling by the Interim Committee allowing clubs to register four professional players with the Senior Team to participate from next season 2011-2012 (all four players can be fielded together at one time).

At the meeting it was also agreed that the Technical Committee will meet with the representatives of the League’s official broadcasters (Abu Dhabi Sports Channel and Dubai Sports Channel) next week to discuss match schedules and finalise on kick-off timings.


The Committee also agreed to a proposal submitted by the clubs to allow Reserve League matches to be played on the same day as the Pro-League matches but at the stadium of the visiting team, instead of playing the game on the home team pitch the following day as was the case in previous seasons.

The meeting also reviewed preparations and arrangements for the AFC ahead of their inspection visit in November.