Dr Terry Orlick to Lecture in "Dubai International Symposium for Sports Psychology" for the Dubai Sports Council

Dr Terry Orlick Dr Terry Orlick

Dubai Sports Council to host Dr.Terry Orlick, the founder of "Zone of Excellence" Theory to participate in Dubai International Symposium for Sports Psychology, to be held on 13th & 14th Sept. 2011 at 
Movenpick Hotel (Bur Dubai). Dr. Terry Orlick is decided to present a lecture under title "Psychological Factors & Sports Excellence".


The participation of Dr. Orlick in the Symposium – the first of its kind in the area – will add a special flavor to the Symposium as he is one of the most famous psychologists and the founder of "Zone of Excellence" which has acquired wide international appreciation.

Dr. Orlick is well-known in the international field as a teacher for the methods of skills development. He is a pioneer in the training field as he has acted to create excellence in various specializations along 35 years. 

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sharif the Secretary General of the Council said: "We are happy that the Symposium will be joined by Dr. Orlick as he is one of the famous international qualified psychologists. He has served with thousands Olympic & professional coaches and sportspersons beside of companies' leaders, space pioneers, surgeons, senior classic musicians, opera singers ….etc".

Dr. Al-Sharif added: "Modern science has confirmed that we are in a real need of psychologists to develop staff's performance in various fields of life including sports scope. We are thus keen to organize this symposium and to attract the best local, Arab & international specialists. Names of other speakers in this important symposium to be announced later".    

It is worth-mentioning that Dr. Orlick – beside his work with professionals of first levels – has spent along time of his life helping children and teenagers to boost self-confidence and create a feeling of happiness to make them able to deal with challenges. He has succeeded to attain many variations during his work with millions around the world including children, fathers, teachers & other world professionals.

Dr. Orlick has written more than 200 easies / authorized 24 books / offered 8 CD to markets. He has so many promotional books; among which are: Toward Excellence / Skills of Positive Life / Games & Cooperative Sports, while his most famous CDs are: Excellence Area for Distinctive Performance / Skills of Positive Life for Children, Teenagers and Adults.