CBD youth athletics championship continues

CBD Athletics Championship for Juniors CBD Athletics Championship for Juniors

The Boys under 12 years old competition held last night, with Abu Hanifa Public School clinch the first place with 30 points, Dubai National School came in second place with 28 points and The German school in third place with 26 points.

The event to be organized by the Commercial Bank of Dubai and Dubai Sports Council with participation of more than 1000 participants representing 42 schools to exceed the pre-announced target, which was 500 participants from 25 governmental & private schools.

In this respect, it is to be mentioned that CBD has allocated a balance of one million Dirhams to fund operational fees & winners' rewards.

Rewards are allocated to develop sports facilities of winning schools, aiming to boost the school sports / enhance the practice of athletic games.


The results of the Boys U12,are:

100 meters: Abdullah Rashid from Pakistani school came in First place with 14:50 seconds, Hassan Abdullah from Abu Hanifa School came second with 14:77 s, and Hamad Saif in third place with 15:20 s.

600 meters: Lutfi Masho from Zayed Bin Sultan School came in first place with 2:06:31 minutes, Dominic ger from the German school came second with  2:06:65 m, and Abdul Aziz Slaeh from Dubai National school in third place with 2:08:75 m.

And at the 4*100 meters race: alkhulafaa alrasheden school came at the first place and Abu Hanifa second and AlMuhalb third.


Shot pot: Khalil Obaid from Zayed Bin Sultan School with 9:50 meters, Ahmed Yasseir from alsaideh school second with 9:29 meters and Max Mlian from the German school third with 8:56 m.

Long jump: Rashid AlShamsi from Dubai National School in first place with 3:92 meters, and Abdul Aziz Saleh second with 3:54 meters and Kit smith from the german school in third place with 3:51 meters.


100 meters race: first place seilla laech from the german school 14:58 seconds, second place Ghaia khafan from Nad alHamar 14:58 s, and Jessica klover from jumeirah collage 15:52 s.

200 meters race: Ghaia khalfan from Nad alHamar 31:96 seconds, Alia Adel from AlAhlyia school 32:67 seconds and latifa Suliman from AlMauakeb school 34:90.

600 meters: Rula Fettel from the German school 1:59:84 minutes, keiri jalindar from jumierah collage 2:08:97 m, dreana Alexander from Indian high school 2:14:97 m.

Long jump: haiomi tari from jumierah collage school 8:19 meters, Latifa AlFardan from almauakeb school 3:75 m and Reem Al-kous from Dubai International School 3:47 m.


Shot pot: Hind Khamis from umm suqiem school 8:05 meters, kinzi yassin from Dubai Modern School 7:35 lugain yasseir from alsadeq school 7:19 m.