Cartier start campaign with a win at the Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge 2012

Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge

The title sponsor’s team in the 7th Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge began their campaign with an impressive victory over the title holders and hosts of the competition, Desert Palm. They defeated the home side 9-6 in a thrilling four-chukka match that resembled the faster paced high-goal game. The impressive partnership of Juan Jose Brane and Francisco Elizalde kept the red shirts of Cartier ahead throughout the match. This was despite some impressive defensive play from Alfredo Capella and Martin Valent.  


However the match was not just about the professionals. A unique feature of this competition is that each team is made up of two patrons as well and the Cartier patrons also had a hand in their team’s victory. Mohammed Bin Drai, for example, produced a great run down the field to score in the second chukka, while Agosti worked hard to keep rival patrons, Faris Al Yabhouni and Tariq Albwardy out of the game. 

The first game in this 2012 competition saw a closer affair between the CNN and Julius Baer teams. CNN did have the edge throughout the match, but their advantage was only ever one or two goals and some great play from Julius Baer, especially from the stick of Pancho  Marin Moreno, always kept them in contention until the final whistle, by which time the scoreboard read 7-5 to CNN.

Peter Schaer, the Chief Executive of Julius Baer in Dubai, presented the prizes for both matches at the Clubhouse Ground at Desert Palm. Tomorrow all the teams are in action once more. Today’s losing teams , Julius Baer v Desert Palm meet each other at 2.30 on the Hotel Ground followed by the Cartier v CNN game at 3.45pm.

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Team Cartier: Adriano Agosti (CH) 0; Mohammed Bin Drai (UAE) -1; Francisco Elizalde (ARG) 6; Juan Jose Brane (ARG) 7.

Team Julius Baer:  Amr Zedan (KSA) 0; Saad Audeh (UAE) 0; Pancho Marin Moreno (ARG) 6; Rodolfo Ducos (ARG) 5.

Team CNN: Gary Shepherd (UK) -1; Kassem Shafi (PK) 0; Vieri Antinori (ARG) 6; Hissam Ali Hyder (PK) 6.

Team Desert Palm: Tariq Albwardy (UAE) 1; Faris Al Yabhouni (UAE) 0; Martin Valent (ARG) 5; Alfredo Capella (ARG) 6.