10th round of the Al Ain Raceway Kart Club Championship will be taking place at Al Forsan International Resort today

Al Forsan International Resort karting Al Forsan International Resort karting

The 10th round of the Al Ain Raceway Kart Club Championship will be taking place at 

Al Forsan International Resort just off Abu Dhabi Island this coming Friday 30th March 



With some of the Championships still wide open there’s still much to play for and 

inevitably the racing will be closer than ever. 


Tehmur Chohan will be looking to capitalise on his healthy points advantage by carrying 

his form over.  He was blisteringly quick last time out and will no doubt be a force to be 

reckoned with.  Alain Bauwmans – who is based in Abu Dhabi – is second in the 

championship and will be vying for a win.  Watch out for Taymour Kermanshahchi and 

Zachary Robertson as they are expected to light up the field. 


In Junior MAX, Abdullah Al Rawahi hopes to all-but-seal his second consecutive title by 

scoring another win.  Cyrus Engineer and Pasqual Pook are both expected to push him 

hard but the onus is on Cyrus to take as many points as he can in a last ditch attempt to 

keep the title race alive. 


The Senior MAX class may nearly be settled in favour of Sanad Al Rawahi but the racing 

is expected to be as close as is possibly imaginable.  The field is packed with quick 

drivers such as Piers Pakenham-Walsh, Alexandre Silanine, Nikita Miliakov and Philippe 

Valenza.  Never discount Raffaele De Lorenzi and the in-form Ali Al Najjar.  The 

question is which one of these charges is going to take the fight to Sanad and try to spoil 

his string of impressive results? 


The MAX Master class is intensely close and Andrew Fuller – the championship leader – 

has been riding his luck at times this year.  He will be hoping for a win to hold off the 

points assault from Abu Dhabi-based driver Luc Bauwmans and Emirate Sheikh Walid 

Al Qassemi.  The latter scored a fantastic race win last time out and is riding the waves of 

his own confidence.  Masters beware though as Duncan Foster is still in the hunt for his 

debut final win and has been threatening for the last 2 races… 


Finally the DD2 class seems to belong to Maurits Knopjes. It has not been an easy season 

by any means as he has had to deal with fierce competition from his rivals.  Mohammed 

Al Dhaheri is chasing him down and Oliver George has found a massive breakthrough in 

pace in the second half of the season.  Will Maurits be able to claim his title at Al Forsan 

or will the others be out to spoil the party? 


The first racing heat of the day is scheduled to begin at 13:00hrs.